Jennifer McCracken~Patterson is an experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (eRYT500).  In addition, she is a Certified Yoga Therapist through International Association of Yoga Therapy (CYT-IAYT). She brings over 25 years of teaching experience to the classes and adapts each class for the needs present in the room.  Her style is accessible and informative, practical and playful, compassionate and non-judgmental. She offers both group opportunities as well as private, semi-private and therapeutic yoga.

How I Arrived

My journey to the mat was not one I set out to find. I was not looking for yoga or “enlightenment”. I was not interested in any new agey sort of philosophy nor in an esoteric sort of path/practice. And yet, yoga found me right where I was. It proved to be none of the things that I thought it was and everything I didn’t know I was looking for. It revealed an ancient practice rooted in foreign ideas with powerful wisdom that are supported by modern science and medicine.

In a time when yoga was finding it’s way into the bodies and lives of many westerners, I discovered the practice that would change the course of my life and empower a life that held more meaning than I had ever realized. It never contradicted my beliefs but only strengthened them.

The practice for me began with curiosity and today continues to be rooted in that. A journey that is perpetually challenging me to redefine, recreate, rediscover my thinking, my rigidity, to go into the depths of my own darkness and uncover the beauty, intuition and wisdom that is within. Where fear grips and overwhelm defeats me, my practices lead me to uncover an unending abundance of compassion, love, peace, light, power and truth.

The Deeper Journey

I am amazed at how yoga has infused itself into the West over the last 2 decades. I have been witnessing how the trepidations about the influences of mysticism and hinduism on yoga (that I myself questioned in my early practice) are slowly being dissolved by science, medicine, psychology and the powerful  influence of western intellect and academia. I have been immersed and bathed in the fusion of many different styles and traditions of yoga that have descended on our culture while holding fast to the threads of wisdom that permeate them all. I've been soothed by the rhythm of dynamic practices and strengthened by the power of static practices that imprint new patterns on my tissues. I’ve resourced the meditative practices to still my distracted, busy mind. I’ve studied the philosophical texts and ancient wisdom to challenge my thinking and deepen my understanding. Alignment practices lead me to feel how my body responds to the postural integrity it was meant for. Therapeutic yoga has healed me countless times and continues to be my contemplative and embodied work. I have drawn on a practice in both very difficult times as well as stable and harmonious times in my life. I use it in every aspect of my life. It has saved me, broken me, healed me, enlightened me, awakened me, taught me, brought me self empathy, delivered wholeness in the fragmented parts of my life, mind and body and given me such a quality of living that I’m not sure I would have found without it. The journey is ‘to be continued…” and in it I acknowledge it takes a lifetime to live a life!

Sharing the Practice

When I come to the practice as a ‘teacher’ or a guide, I feel grateful to share what I am learning. Though I have made it my path to learn what I can about this practice and the science around it, I can only speak and share from my own experiences. I come with devotion, with love, with compassion, with awe, with wonder, with curiosity. I am drawn to learning and understanding, to embodying the unfolding practices and teachings and it is from this that my passion to share emerges. I have seen countless lives changed, restored, empowered by the practice and it is such a joy to witness each other’s growth and evolution. I discovered long ago that the best way for me to really integrate my learning is by sharing it with others.

As I build courses and training programs, I am excited to bring together others who have a passion for learning. I am honored to support others. To see each of us shining our own unique light. To witness the unfolding as we each step through the portals of our own wisdom and unique gifts and to collaborate. I intend to teach with the greatest integrity from the rich resources I have gathered and not compromise the integrity of any of it while bringing others with the same intentions. Integrity and people over prosperity.