Luminous Living Summer

What is it to live a Luminous Life? How does the daily experience of living with stress, busyness, distracted life begin to dim the light of joy? Is anxiety, depression, overwhelm, constant stress a part of your daily experience? if so, taking the time to reset and renew your body, mind and spirit in this 4 week self awareness series
Self care is often thought of as ‘getting a massage’ or ‘taking a nap on a sleepy Sunday’. but what if self care is more about self awareness? Can we potentially employ the practices of self care to bring forth the light of awareness we are all designed to shine? This series is an opportunity to set aside some dedicated time to practice movement, breathing and mindfulness; To connect with other like minded people on a quest for a brighter, luminous life; To educate, discuss, empower and embody ourselves with practices that have been around for a long time and have proven to work!
Each class will start with time to connect with ourselves and each other. Following that will be practices like movement, breathing, sound, meditation. We will then introduce a relevant theme from science, philosophy, an interesting book, etc and have a discussion. We will finish with more practice- restorative, meditation, chanting, etc. Make time to polish the essence of YOU this summer!!

Foundations of Healthy Movement Course.

This course is designed to give you in-sight. To help YOU identify YOUR patterns of posture, movement, strengths and give you tools and resources to build more resiliency, lessen pain patterns, improve movement, and integrate healthy breathing practices!
For those who already have a practice, it will help you sharpen your awareness into the poses and deepen your in-sights around how and why poses are practiced.

Pelvic Floor Health

Yoga for Bone Health

Deepen Your Practice

Women Rising Rooted

Extended Hatha Workshop


Courses include:

  • Time to connect and identify specific areas of concern and individual needs

  • Handouts, education, anatomy

  • Practices to implement into daily life

  • Individual assessments

  • Movement practices, discussion and reflection, mindfulness practices, breathing practices

  • Community and Connection


4 week Series:

Self Care begins in the quiet, reflective moments of life. Self care matures into self awareness which evolves into Wisdom. ~J