Yoga is so much more than just the postures. We often arrive in a yoga practice for the first time hoping to resolve a pain issue in our body or increase flexibility or reduce stress. While, YES, those are amazing benefits of the practice of poses, meditation and breathing, they only scratch the surface of what yoga can offer. Yoga is a rich, deep, powerful practice that has the ability to transform those who are willing to embark on the journey of a regular practice. We discover that while our bodies begin to feel differently from yoga, we also find that harmony, peace and greater sense of well being begin to emerge. Yoga is a practice of being present and uncovering the subtle aspects of our wholeness that can often become clouded by our busy and distracted lives. Noticing more increases our sensitivity and self-awareness,  empowers us to use sensitivity to change the trajectory of our lives and evolve our being into one that is more conscious and more present. The result is a deeper connection to our bodies, our foods, our environment, our relationships, our inner and outer ecosystems.  Yoga is not a religion. People of all beliefs, ages, abilities, socioeconomic status, experiences are welcome to join us for the classes that are the right fit for you!

HOLIDAY Schedule NOVEMBER 26- DECEMBER 31 at the Green Lotus (550 Morro Bay Blvd)
No Classes the Week of Thanksgiving:)

                 10:30-12 Yoga for Healthy Movement- Jennifer

                 1:30-2:45pm Restorative Yoga- Jennifer
                 6:00-7:30pm Yin & Yoga Nidra- Angela

                  9:00-10:15am Hatha - Paula
                  10:30am-12pm Core and Pelvic Floor- Paula

                  1:30-2:45pm Chair Yoga- Jennifer
                  5:30-6:45pm Evening Hatha- Jennifer

                 10:30am-12pm Yin- Angela

                  9:00-10:15am Hatha- Paula
                  10:30am-12pm Gentle Yoga for Inflammatory Conditions- Paula

                 10:30-12 Yoga for Healthy Movement- Jennifer
                 1:30-2:45pm Restorative Yoga- Jennifer

Sunday- beginning on December 2
                  9:00-10:30am CommUNITY Yoga - Rotation Jennifer/Angela/Paula an all levels class by donation: suggested is $8-15


  • Drop ins $10

  • FALL Membership: $108 for ongoing classes 11/26-12/31 (series, workshops and special events are not included)

  • Punch card:  $80 for 10 classes

Foundations of Movement is a Gentle Yoga Class, each week we will explore a different theme integrating stability, mobility, balance, well being and mindful awareness. Our bodies are made to move, reach, twist, heal themselves, digest and so much more!
We get into movement patterns and habits that may have been helpful for a time (like during an injury or illness or time of emotional challenge) and when we stay there, we reduce our resiliency, limit our best self and add extra stress to our being.

The Core and Pelvic Floor Class is a class designed to bring insight to pelvic floor issues and challenges through dynamic movements, practices and  more. This class will give resources to students to impact healthy, dynamic awareness of the Pelvic Floor.

I believe that Yoga should never be cost prohibitive, so if you are in need of financial assistance, please email me for a confidential consultation: