Yoga is so much more than just the postures. We often arrive in a yoga practice for the first time hoping to resolve a pain issue in our body or increase flexibility or reduce stress. While, YES, those are amazing benefits of the practice of poses, meditation and breathing, they only scratch the surface of what yoga can offer. Yoga is a rich, deep, powerful practice that has the ability to transform those who are willing to embark on the journey of a regular practice. We discover that while our bodies begin to feel differently from yoga, we also find that harmony, peace and greater sense of well being begin to emerge. Yoga is a practice of being present and uncovering the subtle aspects of our wholeness that can often become clouded by our busy and distracted lives. Noticing more increases our sensitivity and self-awareness,  empowers us to use sensitivity to change the trajectory of our lives and evolve our being into one that is more conscious and more present. The result is a deeper connection to our bodies, our foods, our environment, our relationships, our inner and outer ecosystems.  Yoga is not a religion. People of all beliefs, ages, abilities, socioeconomic status, experiences are welcome to join us for the classes that are the right fit for you!

WINTER SCHEDULE- JANUARY 1-MARCH 21 at the Green Lotus in MB
Jennifer is joined by Paula Horvath and Angela Sarah to bring you a great lineup of practices all week long. Come join us on the mat.We have all the props needed, no preregistration is needed.

Winter 2019 Schedule
at the Green Lotus Center
January 2-March 21

10:30am Mindful Movement Yoga ~Jennifer
1:30pm Restorative and Meditation~Jennifer
6:00pm Yin ~ Angela
6:15am Sunrise Yoga~ Paula
9am Hatha ~Paula
10:30am Gentle Core Strength and Stability ~Paula
1:30pm Chair Yoga~ Jennifer
5:30pm Hatha~ Jennifer
10:30am Yin ~Angela
1:30pm Nidra and Meditation ~ Angela
6:15am Sunrise Yoga~ Paula
9am Hatha ~Paula
10:30am Gentle Stretch, Strengthen & Restore~Paula 
10:30am Mindful Movement Yoga ~Jennifer
1:30pm Restorative and Meditation~Jennifer
9am CommUnity Yoga (by donation)~Jennifer, Angela, Paula

Sunrise Yoga  Morning practice is a keystone habit that sets the tone for your day and is proven to lead to a greater sense of well-being, a more focused day and an overall healthier lifestyle. This strong blended hatha/vinyasa class is suitable for all levels and will leave you ready to start your day. Rise with the sun and experience the grounding effect of early morning practice. Class concludes with a seated meditation. With Paula on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15am

Mindful Movement Yoga This class is focused on slowing down and moving away from the achievement-oriented nature of other pursuits in life. Through Mindful Movements, we can learn how to recognize and take care of the subtle aspects of our bodies and minds, favoring a greater sense of personal well-being and fulfillment while honoring the sacredness of the aging process. With Jennifer on Mondays and Fridays at 10:30am

Restorative and Meditation Calm the mind and body with this soothing Restorative Yoga class centered around creating ease in the body through longer, supported poses while creating a mindful, meditative practice. Restorative yoga poses are suitable for all levels, and no yoga experience is required. Restorative requires no muscular exertion as each pose is supported by props and held for several minutes. With Jennifer on Mondays and Fridays at 1:30pm

Yin Yoga A slow-paced, mindful & meditative style of yoga. Postures, or asanas, are held for longer periods of time ranging from 45 seconds to five minutes at a time. Yin yoga opens the fascia/connective tissue. This is where most tension lies in the body and through long, sustained holds tension is released and opens the flow of prana/energy and health is restored. Excellent for the nervous system and bringing a deep sense of calm and peace to the body & mind.  With Angela on Mondays at 6pm and Wednesdays at 10:30am

Yoga Nidra Also known as yogic sleep, is an immensely powerful meditation technique, and accessible to everyone. While the practitioner rests comfortably in Savasana (corpse pose), a systematic meditation guides you through deep relaxation while body is asleep and the mind is awake. It is an ancient technology of deep healing and liberation. With Angela on Wednesdays at 1:30pm   

Hatha In this all level, strong class participants can expect a manageable challenge. Flowing asanas will build heat inviting the body to go deeper. Holding them will build strength. Playing with stronger asana builds confidence and stamina. Pranayama practices and deeply relaxing asana are also integrated to bring calm to the mind and body. With Paula on Tuesday and Thursdays at 9am and Jennifer at 5:30pm Tuesdays.

Chair-Adaptive Yoga   A gentle Yoga class using the support of a chair to modify poses so students can choose to not get up and down from the floor. Using the chair allows students to build strength and stretch the body in a safe and accessible way. On Tuesdays at 1:30pm with Jennifer

Core Strength and Stability The core of the body goes far beyond the abdominal muscles. Core strength and stability is necessary to maintain postural integrity as well as ordered functional movement throughout the body. A strengthened core will benefit your yoga practice overall and will promote healthy posture and breathing off the matt. Appropriate for all levels. With Paula on Tuesdays at 10:30am

CommUnity Yoga - by donation Join Jennifer, Paula or Angela for our Sunday morning donation-based class. Each of us brings her unique style to this hatha-blend morning class suitable for all-levels. Let this be your rejuvenation for the week as you indulge in this self-care practice. Sundays at 9am

Pelvic Floor and Core Series The Pelvic Floor and core class is designed to strengthen and relax the pelvic floor and the full-body core. This can be a helpful practice for those suffering with pelvic floor issues and who want to gain knowledge and practical skills in a supportive environment. Practice will include focus on posture, breath, strengthening and relaxation. Join Paula and Jennifer to learn how you can restore your relationship with your pelvic floor for optimal health and vitality. 

Foundations of Movement Series Foundations of Movement class is designed to help students establish integrity and alignment in asana, breathing and movement both on and off the mat, from tying shoes to gardening to sitting in the car to meeting the stressful challenges of life. For those with injuries, pain or other challenges in a yoga asana class, this course will offer resources to direct individuals to find the best version of poses and offer modifications so the practices are supportive and sustainable.


  • Drop ins $10

  • Membership: $108/month for ongoing classes (series, workshops and special events are not included) or $250 for whole winter session

  • Punch card:  $80 for 10 classes

I believe that Yoga should never be cost prohibitive, so if you are in need of financial assistance, please email me for a confidential consultation: